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5 Shortcuts To Build Muscle Size


5 Shortcuts To Build Muscle Size

By Lee Hayward
Author Of The Blast Your Bench Program

These days it seems that everything needs to be bigger, faster, and stronger. Going to the extreme is the norm. Everything from extra strength headache pills, to energy drinks, and high speed Internet. Bottom line is that people want change and they want it now!

When it comes to bodybuilding things are no different we want results ASAP. The desire to build a better body unites all bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, but for most of us, the muscle gains come too slow and they never come easy. So we look for shortcuts. Is the secret to fast muscle gains training harder, lifting heavier, eating more, popping this pill, or slugging back the latest hyped up magic muscle drink…

In this article we are going to dive into 5 of the most common workout “shortcuts” that people take and pick them apart to find a better plan of action. More often then not the best methods for building a stronger and more muscular physique involve a less extreme approach.

Shortcut # 1 – Training More Often

A lot of times aspiring bodybuilders think they are not training enough and fall into the more is better mentality. After all more workouts must mean more muscle, Right?

It is not uncommon to find less experienced (but over enthusiastic) bodybuilders to start spending more and more time in the gym. Daily workouts become the norm and the length of those workouts gradually gets longer and longer. They usually think they are doing themselves good, and sometimes even brag about how they workout “everyday”.

Is there a better way?

Your body can only recover and grow so fast. Training a muscle again before you have fully recovered from your previous workout will eventually lead to overtraining. Generally the most you can train a bodypart is twice per week and still recover and grow.

While there are some exceptions to this rule with some abbreviated specialization routines(i.e. the Blast Your Bench program). You should limit yourself to working each bodypart no more then twice per week and taking at least 2 days per week off from weight training entirely as this is a good general guideline to follow for optimal muscle gains.

Shortcut # 2 – Doing More Sets

Making the transition from a beginner, to intermediate, to an advanced lifter usually involves increasing your workout training volume to some extent. The better shape you are in physically, the higher your work capacity, and the more volume of training you can handle.

For example, a beginner workout may consist of 6 sets per bodypart (i.e. 3 sets of 2 exercises). An intermediate workout may consist of 9 sets per bodypart (i.e. 3 sets of 3 exercises). And an advanced workout may consist of 12 sets per bodypart (i.e. 3 sets of 4 exercises). While this is all good general training advice, it breeds the “more is better” mentality. After all no one wants to be a newbie for long so they jack up the training volume too much, too soon.

Another problem with this train of thought is that if 12 sets per bodypart are good for an advanced lifter, will more sets be even better? How about 15 sets, or 20 sets, and beyond… Will this make me a “super advanced lifter”…?

Is there a better way?

Generally it takes at least 3 years of training to progress from the beginner, to the intermediate, and on to the advanced levels of training. Once you reach the advanced levels adding more sets and training volume beyond this is often counterproductive.

While there is no hard set rules for exactly how much training volume you should do, there are some general guidelines that you can follow. 9 sets per workout should be adequate for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, calfs, and abs. And around 12 sets per workout will be enough for larger muscle groups like chest, back, and thighs.

Once you are at the advanced training level the key to more muscle growth is using progressive overload (gradually increasing your weights over time) and by adding variety to your workouts, by changing your exercises. NOT from adding more training volume.

Shortcut # 3 – Training Less Often

The world of bodybuilding is full of extremes, for a lot of guys it is either all or none… there is no middle ground. So after learning about the negative impacts of training too often, as outlined above, many bodybuilders make a complete U-turn and go the opposite direction and drastically cut back on their workouts figuring that “less is more”.

Some experts have gone over the deep end with the fear of overtraining. Mike Mentzer and his Heavy Duty style workouts were one of the biggest influences of the “less is more” idea. Overall the basic principles of this workout were good because it implemented a solid plan of action, used progressive overload, monitored your progress, etc.

But one major flaw of the system was that if you weren’t making progress with your workouts it was automatically assumed that you were “overtraining”, so your workouts were cut back. Sometimes going to the point of working out once a week or less. In fact there is some fitness gurus who actually preach that you only need to workout once a month…?!?

Is there a better way?

For some extremely hardgainers training less often (i.e. every second day) may be the best frequency for muscle gains. But most people will respond well to more frequent workouts(i.e. 2 days on, 1 day off).

There are no hard set in stone rules that work for everyone, but a general guideline of working out 4-5 times per week and training each bodypart twice per week is a good place to start. As you get more experienced you be able to find out exactly what your body responds the best to and customize your workouts to fit your specific needs.

Shortcut # 4 – Heavy Weights & Low Reps

One of the basic bodybuilding principles is a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle. So in order to get bigger, you need to get stronger. Progressive overload is the cornerstone of all successful workouts. You need to gradually increase the weights you are lifting over time in order to make progress.

During the early phases of a starting a workout program beginners can make fast gains because all training stimulus is new at this stage. And a lot of the initial strength gains come not only from increasing muscle strength, but also from improved lifting technique and better coordination.

But once you get past the initial beginners phase, your strength gains come more slowly. When this happens a lot of lifters will simply do fewer reps so they can continue to increase the weights.

For example, if I can lift 100 lbs. for 10 reps, maybe I could drop the reps to 8 and lift 120 lbs., or drop the reps to 6 and lift 140 lbs., etc… While this may work to some degree initially to get you growing again, there comes a point where it can back fire and bring your gains to a screeching halt.

Is there a better way?

Lifting heavier weights for lower reps increases your odds of getting an injury such as a muscle tear. When you are doing fewer then 5 reps per set you lose the mind muscle connection. The lift becomes an end in itself and no longer a means for building muscle. Lifting too heavy makes it harder to concentrate on the muscles you are working, your focus switches to simply moving the weight and not getting crushed under a heavy barbell.

While you can successfully incorporate low rep training cycles into your workouts from time to time. They shouldn’t be your primary focus. For bodybuilding purposes try to stay within the 6-12 rep range. This is the “sweet spot” for keeping your muscles under tension long enough to stimulate growth, while still allowing relatively heavy weights to be lifted.

Shortcut # 5 – High Intensity Techniques

A lot of hardgainers think the key to making faster gains in the gym is to simply work harder. So they increase the intensity of their workouts with various advanced training techniques such as forced reps, super sets, drop sets, and so on… Thinking that the harder they push themselves, the better gains they’ll make. While these guys certainly deserve an A for effort, is pushing past the point of muscular failure really necessary?

Is there a better way?

One of my favorite training motto’s is “Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate!”

For the average drug free lifter using advanced training techniques and pushing yourself to the limit will quickly lead to burnout, overtraining, and possibly injury.

A very common mistake that you can witness pretty much any day of the week in the gym is to see a couple of eager young lifters doing bench presses with WAAAYYY too much weight on the bar. One guy will be getting ready to bench while his trusty spotter is standing by ready to assist the lift. After getting psyched up the lifter plops down on the bench and takes the bar from the rack, he manages to struggle up 2-3 reps using piss poor form and every ounce of effort his body can muster. Then he gets his spotter to assist him with an addition 3-5 reps.

At the end of the set you wonder who worked the hardest, the guy benching or his buddy pulling the bar off his chest…?

This is a prime example of abusing high intensity techniques. Once you reach failure with an exercise you have stimulated the muscle. Doing more then this is often not only waste of time, but could potentially set you back in your training through risk of injury.

I rarely, if ever, use any type of set extending high intensity techniques like forced reps in my training anymore. I’ve found that they are just not necessary. Doing your sets to positive failure is intense enough to stimulate your muscles to grow.

Once you reach failure, make note of it in your training journal and then strive to beat what you did for your next workout by either adding an additional 5 lbs. to the bar or doing an extra rep with the same weight. Using progressive overload like this will ensure that you constantly push yourself to make steady strength and muscle gains.

The Real Shortcut To Fast Muscle Growth

Gains in muscle and strength don’t come overnight. They take consistency over the long term. By taking things at a manageable pace and making small frequent improvements week after week with your workouts your muscle size will increase faster then you ever thought possible… without having to go to the extremes to get there.

Inch by inch life’s a synch… Yard by yard life is hard…

If one of your goals is to build a big, strong, muscular body then be sure to check out the Blast Your Bench website and sign up for the FREE 5-Part Bench Press Training Tips e-Course. In this free course you’ll get some killer tips and tricks for packing on lean muscle mass and dramatically increasing your strength in record time!


About the Author:

5 shortcuts to build muscle
Lee Hayward
Lee Hayward is a competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter, and muscle building coach who is committed to helping aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts gain muscle, burn body fat, and develop a strong muscular body.Lee is also the author of the Blast Your Bench program, which teaches you how to increase your max bench press by as much as 50 pounds in as little as 3 weeks, regardless of your previous weight training experience. To learn more about how you can quickly increase your strength and gain lean muscular bodyweight, just visit Lee’s website at:

Improve Brain Function with Drugs, Food, and Vitamins

Drugs, Food, and Vitamins that Improve Brain Function

Improve brain function

Healthy foods

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What are Nootropics?

What are Nootropics?

What are Nootropics?

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Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are cognitive enhancers. They can boost memory and help to increase focus and attention. Memory begins to decline as early as the late teens. There are other factors also that can make memory decline faster. Stress, alcohol and lack of sleep are a few examples. When a person learns, they require two cognitive skills. Memory and concentration. Memory is the ability to remember and and contraction is the power to hold your attention. When you are having problems with learning due to lack of memory and concentration, nootropics might be a good idea. Nootropics consist mostly of medications, supplements or functional foods. Several nootropics act as a vasodilator. Vasodilators are medications or other elements that will open up the blood vessels. This can improve the flow of oxygen to the brain. An insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain is the beginning of the problem of concentration lapse. A drug can only be classified as a nootropic if it improves overall health and mind over a long period of time. There are other meditations which provide short term mental benefits. Amphetamines are an example of this and are not technically considered a nootropic. There are many different nootropic drugs out there and they all work in different ways. Most people taking nootropics notice improvement in memory, mood, ability to concentrate, motivation and reaction time. How much of a difference is dependent on the person and the medication they are taking. Most people do benefit from taking nootropics, even if it is subtle. It is important to understand that taking these “smart drugs” will not turn you into a genius overnight. You are not all of a sudden be able to speak another language or master advanced calculus. If you stick to your regimen, you will notice a change. Many people often ask the question “how do nootropics work”. Simply put, they affect neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Many of the neurotransmitters

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New Call of Duty Announced, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Announcement

“The ghosts are real”, Activision claims, and that’s all the gaming world needs to get amped up for the next Call of Duty title.

Call of Duty really needs no introduction. It’s a franchise that represents one of the most intense gaming experiences to be found anywhere on the planet. This is particularly true for its online aspect. It’s because of Activision’s attention to quality in every regard that gamers

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treat even the slightest tidbit on a new CoD game is treated as gospel.

If past hits are an indication of anything, Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be a brutal, ridiculously addictive melee.

*Update! Already the #1 seller on Amazon for FPS shooter games in 2nd day of pre-order.

Coming This November

You have to hand it to Activision for generating this kind of excitement months before the game is actually released. It all started with a simple image of a skull-patterned balaclava, which any CoD fan knows is the insignia of Simon “Ghost” Riley. We haven’t seen Simon Riley since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, so there’s been a lot of speculation in regards to what he’s been up to between games. Activision threw more fuel on the fire by changing the bio on CoD’s Twitter page to “#CODGhosts is real”, and then encouraging followers to re-tweet if they were ready for the next generation of Call of Duty. Providing fans with a link to the game’s official Facebook page only serves to pump up the anticipation even further.

Pre-orders for the game are currently available, and the numbers for that are already considerably impressive. It’s important to remember that this is the same franchise that generated a billion dollars in sales (for Call of Duty: Black Ops II) at the end of 2012. Anyone who pre-orders the latest installment through GameStop will get a beautiful double-sided poster. Those who pre-order as a GameStop PowerUp Rewards subscriber will receive an exclusive weapon camo with a Call of Duty: Ghosts theme. This weapon camo will be available for use in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Steam has been helping along the energy running towards the game’s release date at the end of 2013. A promotional sale was held, in which players could try the game for free. Those who liked the game enough to want to purchase their own copy, and this was a considerable number of people, received a staggering 33% discount.

A New COD Experience

Some might think that it’s a bit unfair to place such expectations on the new Call of Duty title. Fans of the franchise would be inclined to strongly disagree with any naysayers. At least a small part of the series popularity can be attributed to smart marketing tactics by Activision. This latest version certainly seems to be following in those footsteps, utilizing social media and freebies to entice potential new fans, and keep the faithful as devoted as ever.

And as for whether or not the game itself will live up all these lofty expectations, we’ll be able to find out for ourselves before long.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review

If you’ve been holding out from purchasing a new Android tablet until Samsung unveiled just exactly what it had up its sleeve, the wait is finally over. Rolling out their brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in just a few short weeks, this new Android tablet is poised to dominate the marketplace just like Samsung’s Galaxy S3

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smart phone world. Next-generation hardware with the latest Android operating system software Everything about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is as close to cutting edge as you’re going to find in the commercial world, including the fantastic hardware that drives the brand-new software. We are talking about a brand-new dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 8 to 16 GB of storage (with the option to expand up to 64 gig with a dedicated SD card), dual cameras on the front and rear of the tablet – the rear one being a three megapixel camera and the front facing camera a 1.3 megapixel solution – and a whole host of other truly cutting-edge innovations. What is most surprising about the hardware that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will bring to the table is the inclusion of a 4000mAh battery – promising ridiculous battery life and usage times in between charges, something that the Android tablet world has been desperately searching for almost since the day they were released. All of this hardware would be wasted without the brand-new Android operating system, one of the few non-Google branded products to rollout with the latest iteration. Everything is snappier, better organized, and overall more useful – but you’ll also have tight integration to all of the applications, games, and tools that you have come to love on the Android platform. Infinite Flexibility and Connectivity While the jury is still out as to whether or not this 7 inch tablet is going to come loaded with an LTE option, people will be happy to know that the standard units will come with Wi-Fi connectivity and an upgraded model offers at least 3G connections. The Wi-Fi models will release first globally, with the wireless and cellular models rolling out later this year. You’ll also be able to enjoy Bluetooth in its latest version, as well as NFC technology that you can use to interact with any

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of the other Android devices out there that have the same capabilities this opens up fantastic sharing and versatility options that almost no other tablet has, something to definitely keep your eye on. All in all, this looks like it can be a real game changer, and you’ll want to pay close attention to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 launch when it rolls out in early May. Until then check out Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review.

How To Navigate The Internet At Work [Infographic]

How To Navigate The Internet At Work [Infographic]

Funny infographic that depicts which websites are safe to open at work and the article also provides some tips for safe surfing while working. webhosting info .

Subway Less Healthy than McDonalds?

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Bad news, Subway fans: Your $5 footlong may be LESS healthy than a McDonald’s Big Mac

I always get wheat bread and I never order chips, drinks, or cookies at Subway so I guess I’m ok.

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