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My week in Vegas Summer 2013 Vol. 3

Day 2

Day 1 was a success, but by the time I got into bed I realized I had been up for 24 straight hours.  It’s 4 am and the tournament I want to play at Caesars starts at noon, but I didn’t come to Vegas to sleep that’s for sure.  I woke up at about 9 am and headed to breakfast.  I get to Caesars at about 10 and I’m thinking I’ll jump in the cash game until time for the tournament to start and believe it or not but there is no cash game running.  Not even a 1/3 game.  This annoys me about Caesars.  Anyway I don’t want to just sit around for 2 hrs so I walk back to the Venetian and jump in a 2/5 game for an hour.  I made $72 so it was worth the 15 min walk.

I get to Caesars and sit in my tournament seat and I recognize the Asian guy across from me.  He is extremely aggressive and this is a 6 handed tournament so I know he’s going to be extra, hyper-aggressive.  The buy in is $350 and by the end of the 1st level there are 250 people registered.  I think we started with $15,000 in chips.  My plan is still the same as far as being really tight the 1st few levels and I’ll wait for the blinds to go up and play meaningful pots then, but the cards don’t cooperate.  I keep getting hands I have to raise with like AK and JJ over and over.  Of course when I have AK its a J high flop and when I have JJ every flop has an Ace and a King in it 🙂

At the end of level 3 I have less chips than I started with somewhere and $12K.  Everyone at my table is aggressive and most pots are taken down without showdowns so I’m not sure what’s going on with a couple of these guys.  Towards the end of level 4 I’ve built my stack up to about $20K but I’m still the shortest stack at my table even though I have plenty of chips.  Here’s the hand I go out on…

I’m on the button and I’m easily the tightest player at the table and I suspect there are some shenanigans going on.  What I mean by that is the last several hands have all been 3 bet pre flop and every time the original raiser has folded to the 3 bet.  Everyone is so deep so I guess it’s to be expected.  Anyway, I need to get in on the action.  UTG raises then it’s folded to me and I look down at 55.  UTG has been very aggressive pre flop but has also folded a lot after being 3 bet.  I was going to 3 bet with any two cards so 55 is even better.  To my surprise aggressive Asian guy in BB calls so of course the original raiser now calls.  I’m really surprised Asian guy called b/c he’s risking getting squeezed by UTG.  I’m thinking he can’t have a hand.  It has to be something he can flop huge with but then easy to get away from, so suited connectors, middle pair, or maybe a suited ace.  I also know now that UTG doesn’t have a big hand or he would have reraised.  This is my thought process whether right or wrong.

Flop comes J, 2, 3 rainbow.  About the best flop I could have hoped for.  They both checked to me and I bet about 3/4 the pot and I’m thinking I’m going to take it down right here and again Asian guy surprises me with a raise. UTG guy quickly folds and it’s back to me.  I want to say I bet about $3K on the flop and his raise was to like $7,500 and I had about $15K left.  He has like $40K.  So now I start looking at the flop.  I’m representing a big hand and he raises me on a J high board. Maybe he thinks I have like TT or 99 and I’ll fold to that raise or I have AQ or AK and I’ll have to fold?  Did he call with 22 or 33?  I quickly rule this out.  The conclusion I come to is he flopped a Jack with something like JTs or he’s got 88, 99, 77 something like that and he’s putting in this raise to see if I’ll fold but he can’t stand a reraise even if it’s only for another $7,500. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying my thinking or reasoning is correct I’m just taking you through my thought process.

So I reraise all in and I can tell he didn’t like that so I’m thinking sweet he’s going to fold.  He takes some time and finally says he can’t fold now and calls. I show him my 55 and he turns over J9s.  I know this guy and he knows me and that’s why I thought I could make him fold.  He had exactly what I thought he had and I’m ok with being knocked out here.  I would have been pretty short had I folded to his raise and would have been in great shape had he folded to mine.  I wouldn’t have made that move against most people but my image with that guy made it worth the risk.  He just had too many chips or I didn’t have enough to make that move I guess.

It’s not even 4pm yet so I realize I have time to go jump in the Venetian 4pm $250 Green Chip Bounty tournament.  I guess I’m going to be a tournament player this trip. The Venetian tournament has well over 100 people and first place is over $6K and I had such a good experience yesterday in this room so let’s do it.  This post is getting long so I’ll catch you up on how it went in Volume 4.

Again please comment, ask questions, tell me I’m an idiot for playing 55 that way.  I want to hear your feedback in the comment section.

Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook

Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook

Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook!I can’t look on FB because every other post is about Game of Thrones.  Something big must have happened Sunday night because it was also the number one trending topic on Google Sunday night.  I am three episodes behind and I know that is inexcusable but I do have a one year old who would much rather watch Doc McStuffins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  And lets be real she is the boss of this house.

I can only imagine who must have got killed because when Ned Stark got his head cut off at the end of season one I almost fell off the couch.  I will never forget that moment.  TV has never had me so shocked.  I thought for sure someone would come in and save him.  I mean you can’t kill off the star of the show in the first season can you?  Uh evidently you can and you can do it in front of his little daughter.

The only other show I have been this enthralled in was Lost.  My wife calls me a nerd and wouldn’t watch that show with me either which is another reason I’m behind because she won’t watch it with me.  Instead I’m stuck watching The Mentalist and Criminal Minds with her.  Don’t get me wrong those shows are pretty good and it’s great to watch tv with her but I miss my Game of Thrones!

I promise myself that this  week now that school is about to be out that I will catch up and hopefully make another blog post about season three.  Until then I know some jerk will post a spoiler in the comment section but guess what Jack the jokes is on you because I’m not reading the comment section until I watch all the episodes!

The books would be a great Father’s Day present!

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Animal Planet Mermaids Documentary Draws Record Number of Viewers

Animal Planet Mermaids Hoax

Mermaids Documentary‘Oh sweet sirens of the sea, how much the world does long for Ye’. While Animal Planet managed to achieve a record number of viewers for their most recent Mermaid documentary, there’s definitely a tongue in cheek attitude behind the project that deserves at least a degree of appreciation for pulling the whole stunt off. As much as the 3.6 million viewers who tuned into the documentary may have been hoping to get a good check out of Wanda’s fins, the fact is that the project was little more than a publicity stunt that has, weirdly, actually worked. Following up from last years Mermaid: Body Found, this episode promised not just startling new footage but also the support of respected marine biologists in the production of the show. This was enough to get the viewers interested, at least in a core demographic – it is estimated that half of the shows viewers were part of the influential 25-54 year old group (who tend to decide what goes on the tv). The show followed on from the first episode, and while promising much actually delivered very little of any significant note. Most of the pictures used were so ridiculously out of focus they could as well have been shot on a polaroid back in the early ’50s, making even the most dedicated Mermaid aficionado start to smell something a little, well, fishy. Even more so were the alluded to claims that one had actually been captured (detained?), yet for some unspecified reason it could not be displayed to the world. Right…. Maybe it’s because Mermaids have generally swam under the conspiracy theory radar for so long that people have suddenly thought to themselves – ‘hey, I forgot about the whole half lady half fish people, that sounds cool!’. While they have been a feature in popular folklore for many hundreds of years, Animal Planet were quite happy to allude that their presence has been known for a long time and is being kept under close government secrecy. Presumably the U.S government, of course, just like that whole Roswell incident that has itself now become a popularly believed fact despite a glaring lack of any real evidence. Animal Planet MermaidsEagle eyes viewers may have noticed though that there is a very quick little disclaimer in the most recent Mermaid hoax documentary that declared that the show is based upon ‘science theory’. What, exactly is the difference between this and science fiction? Sadly, the fact is pretty much nothing – much like Bigfoot and the Yeti, experts would love to make folklore come to fruition but are just as likely to stumble across King Kong or Godzilla. Perhaps it’s a little unfair to just accuse Animal Planet of making a fraudulent hoax upon their unsuspecting viewers. With all respect to the channel, if such a monumental discovery had been made it’s unlikely they would get such a scoop ahead of the rest

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of the worlds media – but surely the vast majority of people who tuned into the show realized this already. But hey, theres nothing wrong with a little escapism once in a while, but maybe Animal Planet ought to get back to what it really does best.

Watch Mermaids: The Body Found – The Extended Cut

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