"And so I face the final curtain…"

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  1. Coachguru

    They just keep getting better!

  2. Erin H

    I like where this is going 🙂

  3. Dizzy Bee

    I want to know more 🙂

  4. Dori

    I truly enjoyed reading this blog

  5. matticus

    all of the things you mentioned already in your story points to you being a bad ass poker player. i definitely consider poker a battle of will and brother you have monumental will.

  6. Peggy Wiegand

    Whoa baby… This road was long but I like where this is going….

  7. Cristobal Cortez

    Best one yet Adrian- you can feel the emotions involved with your success and disappointments that you live through. Amazing to see how much you know about the music biz and how close you were before Lost Child fell out- as far as unethical- you were doing what you had to do an doing him a favor getting his music out there. I see the industry continue from behind the system- Carlos Coy records from inside too. Good to see you being able to survive in the Joe Blow world too- shows how you can adapt to any living environment to survive- that is the greatest weapon- adapting and surviving in life.

    • 1rare1

      Thanks homie!I truly appreciate the love man! About me Getting Lost Child’s music out there…that was not the case. They would of never made an offer if they knew he was in Harris County and facing a long prison sentence. I knowingly withheld that information. I’ve known Los for many years. He recorded a song for me on AK’s album. Another gem of mine that was not released and I am still sitting on. I should release an underground Hip Hop compilation with all H Town based rappers that are in prison. Lol:) thanks again for your support!

  8. Frank Melchor

    Once again amazing! Wow can not wait for the next one….

  9. Olivia

    Amazing read, once again. I feel like I am listening to an excerpt at a book reading, and am wanting to buy the book now. – It really makes me think about friendship, too. Thanks for letting us delve into your life.

  10. JohnP1002

    Damn homie, I wish you would keep writing!!! Haha ! Love this bro!!

  11. RickDofNY

    Adrian Lopez is my friend! well done sir. get into sour beers yet? dogfish head festina peche!

    • 1rare1

      Ricky Rick!! What’s up man? Great to hear from you, bro! Thanks for reading man…if you are bored you should check out the others. They all go together. Anyhoo…yeah man, I’ve been getting into them ever since you told me to check them out. They are delicious! I will check out this DogFish Head tonight:)

  12. The Stonewall.

    This is easily the best blog you have posted. I completely agree with your assessment and decision-making although the situation is truly awful.

    • 1rare1

      Thank you very much, Matt! I always appreciate your comments. I know they are genuine and you pay attention to every detail. Thanks for your support!

  13. Randy Larsen

    Right with you Brother.

  14. Dwayne

    Another great read. Thanks for sharing, bro. Seems a turning point is coming in the next one. Looking forward to it!

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