DIY Entryway Bench with Storage

Entryway Bench with Storage

DIY Entryway bench shoe storageI made this DIY entryway bench from the Ana White’s simple spa bench plans. My wife wanted somewhere by the front door we could put our shoes and my two year old daughter’s backpack and coat. She sent me a few ideas via Pinterest. I decided on the Ana White spa bench and I modified the plans because

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I wanted two rows of storage for the shoes and I wanted to use pallet wood. I broke down about 15 pallets a couple of weeks ago to make a pallet wall so I had plenty leftover for this project.

Tools I used:

  • 16 gauge Nail gun
  • miter/chop saw
  • cordless drill/driver
  • tape measure
  • level
  • 5 in orbital sander
  • palm sander (optional)
  • cloth for staining


  • pallet wood
  • 2 in brad nails
  • 2 in screws (spax)
  • Minwax special walnut stain
  • 80 and 220 grit sand paper

Dimensions (cut list)

  • 6- 2×4’s at 37″ (top and shelf)
  • 6- 2×4’s at 17 1/4″ (legs)
  • 4- 1×3’s at 12″ (side support)
  • 4 1-3’s at 17 1/4″ (vertical trim and support)
  • 1 1-3 at 31′ (horizontal trim)

Step 1: I used my nail gun to nail one of the legs to one of the top pieces. I made the top flush and shot 2 nails through. I then took the other leg and put it on the other end and nailed it into place. I then measured down halfway to put the shelf piece in and nailed it from both sides so it looked like this:

bench frame for diy entryway bench               I then used my 2 inch Spax screws to reinforce where I nailed the boards together like this: screws for Diy entryway bench with storage                 Repeat the above process to form another identical box like so: 2 bench frames for DIY entryway bench with storage                 Step 2: Now I took the four 12″ side support pieces and nailed them at the bottom and top flush with the edge. I checked for level while doing this. Once I was satisfied that it was flush and level I put screws through those pieces also. Step 3: I made a third frame to go on the inside of the two frames I just attached. Again I nailed and drove the screws into the side support pieces once I was content that it was nice and straight. Step 4: I attached the four 17 1/4″ vertical support pieces to the front and back. I used nails first and then 3 screws for each. I then attached the 31″ horizontal trim across the back. The plans called for doing that on both sides but it didn’t leave enough room for me to fit my shoes in so I didn’t put that piece on the front. Here is the finished product before sanding: insert pic

Sanding and Staining


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