Friday 1/2 at Texas Card House

I played 1/2 on Friday night at Texas Card house. I got there for the beginning of the game and the max buyin is $300. The rule at the table is you can buy in up to the biggest stack at the table. I was the only non regular at the table but I did know 2 of the guys pretty well (seat 3 and 5). Seat 3 is tight/aggressive and seat 5 is tight/passive. I am in seat 6 and seat 10 is an older guy who I have played 5/10 with in Oklahoma and Vegas but he doesn’t recognize me. He is pretty straight forward. I sat and visited with the 2 guys I knew the first couple of rounds just folding trying to get a read on the table. Everyone knew each other and I could tell they play there a lot b/c the dealers knew all of them too.

The standard was for people to limp and and then one person would raise to 12 or 15. If there were no limpers the standard raise was 10 or 12. I noticed pretty quickly that seat 1 which they were calling “grinder” was playing every hand seeing every flop. Most of the time limping and calling a raise O.O.P. or he would open for 10. Seat 4 was telling the guy next to me that he is going to Vegas for 30 days this summer to play the WSOP so I knew he must be pretty serious about playing. Remaining players:

seat 2: 30’ish european guy that just limped and called a lot.

seat 7: older gentleman who was very curious who I was b/c he had never seen me before. He was calling a lot and then I saw him bluff when checked to and then showed it.

seat 8: Young professional(as in a computer programmer/lawer not a poker pro) who was drinking and evidently has no social life besides coming to play at the card house every night. He played extremely tight and every other button he would leave to go outside and smoke.

seat 9: Middle aged hispanic guy that knew everyone. He had the headphones in and was taking the game serious. Fairly tight but not too agressive.

I pretty much folded for the first hour and not much was going on really until seat 1(grinder) and seat 8 got it all in on the flop. Grinder won with KK vs QQ. Then a couple of hands later seat 1 busted seat 2 on some limped pot that they had a paired flop but seat 1’s kicker made him a full house. All of the sudden seat 1 has about $1,000 in front of him and others started buying in with bigger stacks. I put in another $300 to make my stack a little under $600 but mostly everyone had about $500 by now except seat 7 and 8 who were still around $300 or less.

1st hand I really played I had QQ in the BB. There were several limpers then seat 4 raised it to $20. Seat 5 folded and I knew seat 4 had a big hand so I just called. I didn’t want to give away the strength of my hand and I was ok if others came along. Seat 1 “grinder” called which I knew he would and everyone else folded so 3 of us saw the flop. The flop comes T,T,x rainbow. I check and seat 1 donks bet $30. Seat 5 calls and here is my dilemma. It’s possible seat 1 has a T but obviously unlikely. Seat 5’s call is very strong. There are times here where I could check raise this flop to get seat 1 to fold but I don’t think Seat 5 would ever buy that I cold called his 3 bet with a T in my hand so I see no reason to do that. I call hoping that my QQ is good but not confident. The turn is another blank. I check and seat 1 bets $35 and seat 5 calls. I now know seat 1 doesn’t have a T or he bets bigger but am now convinced Seat 5 has AA. I think he raises with KK or JJ but with the bet only being $35 I have to call. The river brings a J and now I can’t beat anything Seat 5 is holding. I check, seat 1 checks, and seat 5 checks. I turn over QQ and seat 1 mucks and seat 5 turns over AA no surprise. Seat 5 was mad at himself saying he should have bet the river. I definitely would not have called him.

The other hand I want to mention is I made it $12 from mp with TT and got 4 callers. Seat 1,2,7,9 were my customers. Seat 1,2 were OOP with 9 being the button. Flop comes T,9,x rainbow. Checked to me I bet $35 and old guy seat 7 calls me and other 2 fold. The turn is a K so I gave the check like it was a scare card and seat 6 immediately shoves all in for about $290. If he would have bet like a $100 I would have really been worried about QJ but when he shoved I felt pretty good about it so I called quickly. The river is an A and he turns over KJ and I scoop a good pot.

My biggest pot of the night was when I had 99 in the BB. Seat 8 UTG makes it $12 and seat 1 3 bets to $50 I immediately look at seat 8 to get a read and he grabs his chips (a little less than $300). He didn’t like the the raise and he’s thinking about just shoving his stack in there. Seat 2 calls $50 but only has $150 behind (terrible). Seat 5 in the SB makes throws 2 greens out there to call so I call expecting to see seat 8 shove the problem is dealer looks at me and says it’s $150. Well, seat 5 threw a black chip with his two greens. I have over $1500 in my stack. I just tossed 2 greens out so the rule is I can fold and leave my $50 out there or I can complete the call. I say ok and toss out a black chip. This forces seat 8 to go ahead and fold. Of course, seat 1 calls and then seat 2 says, “time to gamble” and puts the rest of his stack in which was $199 total so the $49 more is not considered a raise to seat 5 can’t reraise which he asks if he can. We all call so a little over $800 is in the pot and the flop comes K,9,5 rainbow. Seat 5 is first to act and he shoves in a little over $400. I call and then seat 1 tanks. This is too good to be true I’m thinking. He’s trying to talk himself into calling. As soon as I called seat 5 says fuck b/c he knows me very well. Seat 1 doesn’t know me at all and is perfectly displaying he’s not thinking of either one of our hands. He has to call about $1,000 or so b/c he has me covered. Finally after about a minute he folds. I think he must have folded AK or KQ but it was definitely a K. It should have been a snap fold. I can’t imagine what he thinks I have or seat 5 if he is struggling making that fold. Fact is he hates to fold. I saw it all night. Anyway when he folds I turn over my set and the board runs out harmless and seat 5 mucks. I could have made seat 5 turn his hand over 1st but I like to give people the courtesy of folding without showing especially when they aren’t good players. I see dickheads slowroll people all the time just to see what people have. It’s rude and bad for the game b/c it will make the weak player leave and embarrass them. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he had AK. I didn’t ask and I hate it when people do ask. Why add insult to injury? Luckily, no one did. He got up and left anyway but that was b/c he was out of money. I played another hour or so and then cashed out for $2,522 and I was in for $1,300.

Overall, I was happy with the way I played. I did fold 99 to seat 9 a few hands earlier when I made it $10 and he 3bet to $40. I looked at his stack and he only had $190. A rule I go by is he needs to have at least $400 for me to call there and $600 would be better. Back to the earlier hand I obviously am going to fold to the $150 4bet with 99 but once I had $50 in there I knew seat 1 was coming along and his stack was $1500+ so I figured I had the right odds and I very well had the best hand and they could be sharing outs.

Fire away.


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