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Gentle on your wallet!

If paying for cable or for a movie subscription service is putting a dent on your wallet and friction on your budget, Amazon Prime maybe the way to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies and still SAVE! With access to instant video streaming, FREE 2-day shipping and much much MORE, Amazon Prime promises a myriad of benefits. As a new customer, you are eligible to sign up risk free through the Amazon Prime free trial option and only make a payment after 30 days. This option gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the service at absolutely zero cost! Considering that Netflix offers a $7.99 monthly subscription ($96 annually), Amazon Prime offers a wider range of services at a more competitive price ($79 annual charge), you should give it a try. Even better news is that, should you not be totally sold into Amazon Prime, you can cancel the service at anytime!

Movies and TV shows streaming!

Offering unlimited streaming of both movies and TV shows of your choice, Amazon Prime is a great alternative to the traditional ways through which you maybe accustomed to acquiring and watching movies and TV shows. The Amazon Instant Video puts thousands of exciting top prime movies at your disposal for your viewership and enjoyment, anywhere and at anytime, without the constraints of being boxed into time limitations and overdue fee charges. It is no secret that when considering Amazon Video vs Netflix, after weighing on the underlying benefits and the subsidized costs, you will be more inclined to choose Amazon Prime!

FREE and Fast Shipping!

If you are a frequent buyer via Amazon you must be familiar with the $25 minimum order purchase required in order to qualify free shipping. Activating an Amazon Prime account will instantly free you from this shipping predicament and restriction. This is made possible by the fact that Amazon Prime comes with the promise of FREE 2-day shipping on any items purchased through Amazon regardless of their cost, an option that eliminates minimum order size requirements, shipping delays and shipping costs exponentially. When the shipping burden is lifted off your shoulders, you will be more likely to enjoy letting your fingers do the online shopping!

FREE books for your Kindle!

If you love to read and own a Kindle or have access to a Kindle App, then you are in luck! Amazon Prime gives you the opportunity to access FREE Kindle books on a monthly basis with a wide selection to browse from. The Kindle Owner’s Lending Library brings your love for books closer to you at no additional cost on your part! You will not only continue to cultivate your love for good reads but also keep your mind sharp as you gather valuable knowledge on many aspects of life.

Do not let all these benefits pass you by. Sign up and get started with Amazon Prime free trial now!

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