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Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook

Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook

Game of Thrones is Keeping Me Off Facebook!I can’t look on FB because every other post is about Game of Thrones.  Something big must have happened Sunday night because it was also the number one trending topic on Google Sunday night.  I am three episodes behind and I know that is inexcusable but I do have a one year old who would much rather watch Doc McStuffins or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  And lets be real she is the boss of this house.

I can only imagine who must have got killed because when Ned Stark got his head cut off at the end of season one I almost fell off the couch.  I will never forget that moment.  TV has never had me so shocked.  I thought for sure someone would come in and save him.  I mean you can’t kill off the star of the show in the first season can you?  Uh evidently you can and you can do it in front of his little daughter.

The only other show I have been this enthralled in was Lost.  My wife calls me a nerd and wouldn’t watch that show with me either which is another reason I’m behind because she won’t watch it with me.  Instead I’m stuck watching The Mentalist and Criminal Minds with her.  Don’t get me wrong those shows are pretty good and it’s great to watch tv with her but I miss my Game of Thrones!

I promise myself that this  week now that school is about to be out that I will catch up and hopefully make another blog post about season three.  Until then I know some jerk will post a spoiler in the comment section but guess what Jack the jokes is on you because I’m not reading the comment section until I watch all the episodes!

The books would be a great Father’s Day present!

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