Wild Boy-Part 3

image Freedom was an amazing feeling. I was extremely happy. I was able to be around my loved ones. Eat good food, have sex, and do so many things that we all take for granted. I had to do the final year of my three year sentence on Parole. This meant I had to parole to an address that was checked out by The State of Texas or I could not be released. I had not lived with my parents for years. I moved out on my own when I was 18. It was a little strange living back home, but it was welcomed after my incarceration. Besides, I missed my family tremendously. I looked for a job when I first got out. I am pretty sure I could of searched for employment with more intensity. After about 15 applications I was becoming discouraged. I had 3 semesters of Community College and 2 felonies. I was not going to work a minimum wage job. That was one of the first times I realized how my mistakes in life would haunt me. Academics were always easy for me. My intelligence quotient was 137. I had a phenomenal memory with excellent reasoning and verbal skills. All of this meant nothing without a clean record and a college degree. A friend of mine brought me to a Gentleman’s Club that was located near Clear Lake named Chesapeake Bay to celebrate my release. I had a great time. I remember a high percentage of the waitresses and dancers wanting cocaine. They all wanted quarter grams. A very small amount that sold for $20. I saw an opportunity to make some money which I desperately needed. Back then, prices were much cheaper than they are today. Ounces were only $550. I bought an eightball(3.5 grams) of cocaine for $80. I returned to the club the very next night with the entire thing bagged up into 20’s. I weighed them slightly shorter than a quarter gram. cialis and stroke I made 16 bags total. That would turn into $320 with a profit of $240. I told my waitress from the night before that I had some blow. They sold out within 90 minutes. I did that over and over again. I became very friendly with the Club’s manager. It got to the point where he would allow me to use his office for the transactions. I also started buying a quarter ounce, then a half, and before I knew it, I was buying and ounce at a time. I would mostly sell quarter grams, 16ths, and 8ths. I was meeting more and more people from the club. I was selling to waitresses, dancers, the DJ, the valet guy, and the patrons of the club. I was making well over $1,000 a week after expenses. It got to the point where I had the waitress selling for me. I would just drop off the bags and pick up my money. I was having sex with some of the strippers. Life was great. I met a Dominican guy while cialis vs viagra forum I was in jail, named Danny. We became very close friends. Upon his release he jumped right back into his former lifestyle, which was selling cocaine. He would break down a kilo and sell ounces, trazodone is like viagra 62’s( 62 grams), 125’s(4.5 ounces), 9 packs(quarter kilo), and half kilos. He gave me the cheapest possible prices. The club was still making me really good money. I had been out for about 6 months already and had bumped into old friends and met new ones. I was always meeting people who needed coke. I only dealt with people I knew for a long time or if I was introduced to them from my friends. I started making more and more money. I started buying larger quantities because a few of my associates wanted ounces to sell. I saved as much money as possible. I came home(parents house) one day and my father said, “come with me.” He started walking towards my bedroom. He grabbed a gallon size bag that had 18 ounces(half kilo) in it and threw it on the ground. He asked, “what the hell is this?” I told him what it was and his was reply was, “get your shit and get the fuck out of my house.” It was time for me to move on anyway. I had entirely too much going on and it was best. I obviously had no ill will towards my father for kicking me out. I only had a few more months of parole left, which was going great. I only had to report once over the 13 months I was out. My parole officer was not an attractive woman. I began having sex with her(her idea) on my very first home visit. I never had to report, pay my monthly fees, or take a single urine analysis. She actually provided negative U.A.’s and put them in my folder. I tried to find an apartment. There is not an apartment complex around that will rent to you if you have a criminal background. I remember being extremely angry. This is one of the many things that made me dislike the government and the way the system is set up. You can only rent apartments in really bad areas. They will not rent to you in the suburbs if you have a felony on your record. It is all set up for you to live in a shitty area, which is a higher risk accutane online canadian pharmacy of you getting into trouble. So, I got a female friend to put an apartment in her name for me. I had a really nice apartment, a decent car, and I had about 20 grand saved up. I went out a lot. I spent lots of money. Things were going really good for several years. I made more and more connections, which translates into more money. I was moving about 2 kilos per week. I was also starting to dabble a little bit in the ecstasy business. Nothing major, I was moving about 200 pills per week. Just before the new millennium, I met a younger guy named Raul. I was about 6 years older. We only worked on a business level. We would eventually develop a bond and closeness that still surprises me to this day. It is almost impossible to trust anyone whenever you are selling large amounts of cocaine. You have to worry about so many things. The police, people wanting to rob you, snitching, and you must be prepared to handle it accordingly. I always carried a gun. I was raised by wonderful parents. I was always a good kid for the most part. Somehow, I had become somebody else. It was like I had a split personality. I was spending more time with Raul on a social level outside of our business relationship. We had recently went out and bought a Rolex each and had custom diamond bezels put on them. I chose a 4.5 carat princess cut for mine. On New Years Eve(2000) we rented a Navigator Limo and stocked it with 8 bottles of Dom Perignon. Raul brought his longtime girlfriend with him and we had a few friends join us. I was single at the time, but had a few girls I could call at any time that would be more than willing to see me. I remember thinking how great my life was that night. I bought a new Cadillac, Another Rolex, and I had a very respectable sum of money stashed in various places. On December 2nd the night of the Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas fight. Raul, myself, and our close friend who went by A.K. decided to watch the pay-per-view event at The Ritz Gentleman’s Club. We had a few bottles of champagne and plenty of girls around us. We decided to hit up Club Roxy after the fight. The three of us, a stupid guy named Johnny was going to tag along too. He was brother to one of Raul’s very close friends who was in prison. He asked Raul to look after Johnny while he was away. I found that to be kind of funny because this guy was nearly 10 years older. 5 or 6 strippers left work and joined us. Johnny and the girls rode in his Tahoe, Ak was in his Accord, and Raul and I hit I-45 driving North in his new Lexus. Our newly developed bond was about to be tested beyond belief.

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  1. Erin

    Write a book! This is good stuff! Much love homie!

  2. anastasia

    well then….

    I can tell the system doesn’t work too well.

  3. Brandee

    Really?!?!?!? Just when I couldn’t wait to read about your night at the Roxy you end it?!?! Damn you!!!! Haha. Thanks again for the interesting read. I think I’m hooked. 🙂

  4. Jay C

    man crazy life bro..i don’t want to say that the story is getting better bc its not exactly a (good) story per say, but it is an awesome life story and you are telling it very well.. Cannot wait for the next installment.. Keep up the good work man!

  5. JohnP1002

    Wow! When I see there is another installment I’m usually in my car driving at the time.. I literally pull over on the side of the road to read it!! You tell it so well bro!

  6. Ellen

    Crazy lifestyle! I’m hoping that you decided to make better choices after that night.I’ll have to wait and see on your next post. 🙂

    • 1rare1

      Ummm….maybe not exactly that night, but soon after:) maybe…kind of! Lol:) life is wonderful now! I would not trade any of it. It made me who I am today. Thanks for reading. Such a long time ago…not like those relaxing nights at your parents house, buddy! You were a great study partner! Thanks for the help in Math! Lol

  7. Dori

    Crazy how life becomes a rollercoaster. All your ups and downs are turned in a split second

  8. Sunny Scofield

    Too short!

    • 1rare1

      I am always worried about making them too long…it’s a blog:) I guess there goes my idea of writing a book. Lol. Thanks for reading, Sunny! I appreciate my friend;)

  9. Peggy Wiegand

    Ohhh. I see this about to get good.. I love reading these stories.. Some can relate some cannot but all the same we probably knew a guy like this sometime in our lives. I agree when you get put in prison and get set free. These people are almost forced into the old way of life because nobody I mean NO ONE will give them a second chance. No break to let them start over and make a real career for themselves. That’s why you have these smart ass people rolling in their cash because they started their own businesses. They are intelligent people with ambition and need not to put their selves in thousands of dollars in debt to have that badass job making that badass cash. Somehow I believe this story has a better ending..


    • 1rare1

      Thanks so much,Peggy! Your analysis is 100% correct. I agree with you and I am just a bit(tiny bit) surprised with your preception. This story does in fact, have a nice ending:)

  10. Frank Melchor

    Another great blog! Every week I look forward to reading the next one. Great writing Adrian…The detail is amazing…

  11. Matticus

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the label you started. Will that be pertinent to this particular story?

    • 1rare1

      The answer would be yes, Matt. Thanks for reading and your support my friend. There will be one more blog about the madness and then it will show the changes I’ve made in my life.

  12. Dwayne

    Thanks for the cliffhanger, bro. Keep it up and you’ll be carrying this site by yourself.

    • 1rare1

      Thanks a lot, bro! I appreciate the support! My buddy will be posting some really good stuff too…I hope you continue to read and comment. Traffic for the site is crucial. Thanks again man:)
      Take care, homie!

  13. Cristobal Cortez

    I agree with Peggy- like I said, the system is rigged against those in prison and designed to get them back in prison. The Prison-Industrial complex is a real thing bro, keeps people employed, rolls in tax money from counties who pay to send facilities to care for their prisoners. Sad to see this. All about $$. No wonder some are forced to rise by any means necessary. They have Project Rio- but I don’t think it works worth a shit. Excellent detail and writing skill bro- you are very intelligent.

    • 1rare1

      I truly appreciate all of the kind words, bro. You know the real deal being a TDCJ employee for so long…do not even get me started on all of the politics! Project Rio…lmao! That shit is a joke, man. Again, thanks for praise and friendship!

  14. Elizabeth Torres

    Finally after being at work I get home to be able to read this blog.. You keep it interesting. What I love is, you don’t sugar coat it or change the story to not be offensive to some. This is your life and you tell it like it is. I love it! It did make you who you are today. Maybe the choices you made were not “good” as some comments here say, but it is your story and I am so happy to see someone bring the real deal! Most of us don’t have the guts!! I’m so proud of you and I love this read. 🙂

    • 1rare1

      Thank you so much, Liz! I just call it like I see when it pertains to my life. I have never really dwelled on what people think about me. The next entry will be even crazier! Lol. I hope you can make out here to Vegas soon for a visit! I am so glad Sam and I met while we were in Houston!

  15. The Stonewall

    Great read, keep them coming.

  16. tom

    damn adrian, finish the story bitch! you can’t work up to it like that and leave us in suspense mode. fucker.

    • 1rare1

      Shut up, hooker! First of all, it is a blog. It can not be a novel. Second, a good writer always leaves you wanting more! Ya know…I you always need more….hahahaha, I will be nice today, bitch! Next one is even crazier, bro!

  17. Thomas

    So, can I get an eightball or what? 🙂

    I’m glad I’ve been too busy to read this until today, because Part 4 is already out, and I can’t wait to read it.

    //The Viking

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